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These pictures/descriptions are to be used solely as a reference to ensure that a patient performing exercises at home is doing them correctly after Dr. McDermott has demonstrated them in person. They are not intended for any other use.



To see more exercises and stretches, find the youtube link to the specific exercise below 


Levator Scapula-


Place your right hand on top of your head. Pull forward and the right at 45 degrees.

 Upper Trapezius-

Turn your head to the right, place your left hand behind your head and pull forward to the left.



Your palms should be forward, at nose level. Retract your head and pull your shoulders back and down. Hold this stretch.

Psoas - Step One                     Step Two        


videos for stretches- just click on the stretch you want to see!

seated side stretch

psoas stretch

turtle stretch

cat stretch

upper trapezius

pelvic tilt

piriformis stretch

levator scapula

superman stretch

Iliotibial band stretch

one leg stand

soleus muscle stretch

lateral oblique exercise and stretch

ball crunches

bird dog stretch

abdominal hollowing

hamstring stretch