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Dry Needling

Acupuncture needles are used to treat tight muscles.  It is a comfortable treatment that allows blood flow to hard to reach areas of the body that may be inflamed or fibrotic that are inhibiting the healing process.

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Therapeutic Exercise and Stretching

Certain conditions have typical characteristics but each patient is unique.  Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Exercises are determined by a persons limitations and goals.


Chiropractic adjustments

There are many techniques used to manipulate the joints of the body so that muscles are not inhibited.  This ideal positioning of the joints ultimately conserves energy and promotes pain free movement.

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Graston Treatment

This is a tool assisted soft tissue technique that release adhesions.  It allow for full muscle recruitment and reduces muscle spasm.


Low Laser Light Therapy

Pulsed light at a frequency that provides energy in the form of light to our cells.  The effect is healing and reduces inflammation.


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X-Ray Results

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