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Exercises and Stretches

These pictures/descriptions are to be used solely as a reference to ensure that a patient performing exercises at home is doing them correctly after Dr. McDermott has demonstrated them in person. They are not intended for any other use.

exercises 002.jpg

Brugger's position

Brugger's position- Hold for a count of 3 repeat 10x. This is a position held to strengthen weakened muscles from poor postures.  Head retracted, without lifting nose or tucking chin, palms forward, allows stretch of shortened pectoralis muscles, shoulders back and down.

exercises 0201.jpg

Psoas Floor Step One

Psoas stretch-floor position.
Kneel on one knee with top of foot flat to the floor.  The other knee at 90 degrees. Lean forward.  Maintain this hip position and lean back at the waist.


Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 9.08.57 AM.png

Bird Dog-Kneeling on all fours. Extend leg straight backwards to the horizontal position, add horizontal abduction of the contralateral arm in the coronal plane with the elbow flexed, palm to floor. Hold 3sec/ 10reps.


Standing Leg Extension-   
With toe, waist and hands
against a wall, extend
one leg backward less
than 45 degrees .
Hold 3s repeat 10x

Standling Leg Extension



Big Title

'Teres Major-  shoulder exercise-  Standing, palm against the wall, using palm as contact(not fingers) to  push away from wall, keep head up.




Wall crawl-  walk with fingers up wall.  Eventually with arm in extension against wall with ribs touching the wall.


Kneel feet against the wall at shoulder's width, bring ball to belly, roll over ball and extend back with legs straight.

Piriformis-floor version



Cervical spine - Neck



Upper Trapezius



Ball Against Wall - Neck Exercise- For side to side rotations, keep face parallel to the plane of the mirror.  Forward and Backward rotations, face the wall and back to the wall. 

Lateral hip/thigh ITB/TFL


Bird Dog



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